Monday, February 8, 2010

new design, better loft!

Greetings fellow hangers and hammock aficionados!
te-wa brings good news and cheer for all those looking for a great underquilt with the best design and lowest weight for the warmth.. well, look no further because I have come up with a new way to make your hammock camping even better!

I just completed my first underquilt made with diagonal baffles. This means that as you lay diagonally in your hammock, the baffles will follow the direction of your body for the greatest amount of possible loft. As you know, flat horizontal baffles which inhibit fullest loft are a no-no and vertical baffles that run along the length of your hammock are better, these diagonal baffles are the best yet. Another first - like my end-channel bungee cords - for the demanding hanger in you.

Keep in mind, that as of this writing, I am the first and only quilt maker to bring you a "diagonal" baffle pattern.

Also, because some of us out there sleep "left handed" (which means your head is to the right, feet to the left) let me know if you lay this direction so i can make an UQ for your needs. Its basically the same idea, just a mirror image of a righty UQ.


  1. Would love to see a pic of this!

  2. Do the diagonal baffles reduce the down fill requirements for the same temps and if so by how much (percentage wise). Also, would you sell a shell with seperate 3/4 top section and end section so as to start by filling the top and possibly add fill to the end later? Thanks.