Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Lets talk about the vertical baffles and the end-channel drawcords! These are two functions of the te-wa Underquilt that are likely the most important feature!

Consider for a brief moment that some underquilts, even commercially available ones, have Horizontal baffles. This means that the baffle will run side-to-side from one shoulder to the other. Whats wrong with that? you may ask... Consider now that each chamber is seperated by a no-see-um mesh baffle that is flat, and then you are trying to force that flat baffle to conform to the shape of the hammock, the user, and with weight applied. Lets look at a 48" wide quilt with 2" mesh baffles on the horizontal... There is no way physically possible to retain all of the loft that the UQ would have while laying flat IF you are trying to force a flat mesh baffle around a curve.. you end up with several problems not the least would be the mesh is going to fold, buckle, cause loss of loft and loss of warmth unless you dont get the Underquilt fully snugged up against you. Im confidently telling you, a horizontal baffle underquilt and a curved hammock/human body is not a good combination.. in fact, i fully understand that its a poor fit!

My vertical baffles on the te-wa quilts resolve this issue with great success. Now you are forcing a quilt to conform to a hammock and the mesh baffles dont have to form a big "U" as they are all running length-wise to your body. Sure, there is still a slight bit of compression because you are not laying fully straight, but more on a slight diagonal... and this is where the te-wa UQ just keeps getting better...

My UQ suspension kit allows the bungee to slide freely inside a clip attached to the hammock end(s). Because the bungee can slide, the quilt is far more likely to move with your body form and this solves two potential problems.. (relatively small problems, but none the less)
1)tying the bungee suspension forces one side of it to stretch more than the other in many cases. Letting it slide allows the bungee to give equal tension on the UQ while allowing it to...
2)stay closer to the user, preventing gaps especially when you move or roll over in the night.
3)the sliding bungee also lets the UQ follow the lay of your body which results in the only quilt that hangs on the diagonal! Less down compression, less chance of cold spots, less chance that one shoulder will be cold and the opposite thigh will be cold, the quilt will slightly shift with your body and this is a result of the clip/slider suspension system.
As of this writing nobody else is doing this method, and if you see it on other commercial underquilts you can bet that they stole my idea..!

The combination of size, vertical baffles, free sliding suspension, and differential baffles means that you are getting the warmest and lightest UQ that is capable of working on most any hammock.

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